On-Line Installations

The following products and services are available from On-Line




Telecom batteries                    Equipment Mounting Adapters                                    


Relay racks                             Circuit Breakers and Fuses


Battery shelves                        Ground Bars


Distribution Panels                   Battery Extension Racks



New Products



Delta 150-300 Amp DC Power plants (In development) 


Installation Services


 Telecom power plant installations                    Paging power plant installations

 Battery removal and disposal                       AC electrical maintenace                 

  Misc. equipment installs (Rayvoss)                  24/48 volt Telecom equipment

   Telecom power equipment repairs                Battery maintenance 

 Small generator installations                              24/365 Call out service

 Metro cell & HSPA installations                    Celluar site upgrades

 Cell site data log recording                                     Site inspections and aduits










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